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Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Facing spamming problems in Yahoo mail

Spam mails are annoying and frustrating too. You opened your Yahoo mail account in the morning and it has been piled up with some random mails. Mails which are of no use for you and keeping filling your inbox are spam. These are promotional emails, subscription emails, newsletters and sometimes phishing emails too in your Yahoo mailbox. Phishing mails are a threat to your information, once you click on that email and they can snatch your account information easily.
Yahoo also uses an automatic filter to avoid spamming; in fact Yahoo says that they filter 4 messages with 1 delivered mail. In order to avoid spam mails in your Yahoo mail account; you can block them or you can set a filter to avoid any similar spam mails. You can customize these settings from your Yahoo mail account.

How to filter emails into spam

·         First, go to Yahoo sign in page and sign in using your Yahoo mail account.
·         Then you need to move up to the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the account page and then select Settings from the drop-down list.
·         Here you need to find the Filters section and then click on the Add button to set up a spam email filter.
·         Now enter a name for the new spam filter in the Filter Name box. You will get a drop-down list where you will conditions to define spam.
·         And choose from "contains," "begins with," "ends with" or "does not contain”; this will define a criteria for spam mail. Here from the text fields next to the option, enter in the words you want the filter to check and define spam.
·         When you find that the case of the word is also important, you need to check "Match case" so the filter will search for only the lowercase or uppercase version of the spam word.
·         Now you can choose the folder where the filter will send messages those matches with the mentioned filter or criteria and then click on the Save button.
·         When there would be any mail in your inbox matches with the criteria will transfer to the spam folder.
You can also use the “Spam” button from your inbox. Whenever you receive any email, it already has a Spam button on the menu bar. You can use is to transfer that mail to your Spam folder. This is really helpful here when you will get the similar mail or from the sender, it will directly move to spam folder.

Monday, 23 July 2018

Steps to insert a graphic in an Outlook signature

Images convey message faster than a written content in a quick manner. And help in sending a strong promotional or professional message to the sender. Therefore it includes contact details, phone number, the name of the company, etc.

Email signatures are the best way to promote your corporate identity to the sender. The signature can include a general info about yourself or a graphic in an email.

Generally, people don’t know how to create or edit the signatures in Outlook because they are new to Outlook or don’t know the procedure of the same. This is quite unfortunate as the signature is a useful feature that can be used for numerous scenarios. Before going into detail, let’s discuss the procedure to insert a graphic in an Outlook signature. 

Include a graphic in your Outlook signature via these steps:

·       Open your Outlook account and in e-mail view, select Mail Message from the New button or enter [Ctrl]+N  for opening a blank mail window.
·       You need to enter your signature's text. Make sure that a signature should only contain a line or two.
·       Simply position the cursor where you wish to insert a graphic.
·       Now you have to choose Picture directly from the Insert menu, locate and choose the file, and then enter Insert.
·       And in Outlook, you need to enter click the Insert tab and then select the apt command directly from the Illustrations group. You need to keep in mind that the file should one of the following formats: JPEG, GIF, or PNG.
·       You need to press [Ctrl]+A for selecting the complete signature and the graphic.
·       Just press [Ctrl]+C  for copying the signature to the Clipboard.
·       Opt for choices from the Tools menu.
·       You need to hit the Mail Format tab.
·       Enter Signatures in the Signatures segment.
·       Now you need to enter New.
·       You have to name the signature and then enter Next.
·       Enter inside the Edit Signature control and you need to press [Ctrl]+V for pasting the signature from your Clipboard.
·       Enter OK two times. And on the Mail Format tab, select the signature for the New Messages drop-down list in the Signatures sector.
·       Lastly click OK.

These easy steps will guide you best for inserting a graphic in an Outlook signature. 

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Wednesday, 9 May 2018

How to enable & disable Yahoo 2 step verification?

According to the reports, online hackers have swiped all the personal information connected with approx 500 million Yahoo users. And they suffered a lot because in the year 2013 their personal data like email addresses hashed passwords, birthdays, phone numbers, names, and security questions were compromised.

After seeing the high growth of cybercrimes, Yahoo introduces Yahoo 2 step verification. Hackers try their level best to get your password and into your account. For this, you need an extra layer of security, so that you don’t lose your account data.

 What is two-step verification?

Two-step verification is an extra layer means extra shelter of security for your account. It uses a password and a code for verifying your identity. The feature is helpful when you sign in to your Yahoo on a new or unrecognized device for the first time, you will be getting a code or phone call on your phone device and that only you can access to.

This step will help you in knowing you the right procedure to enable and disable the two-step verification in Yahoo Mail.

Instructions for turning two-step verification on/enable or off/disable:

·       Primarily, you need to sign in and then go to Account security page.
·       And next to Two-step verification, enter the toggle button  for enabling
·       After that you need to enter your phone number.
·       Next, enter send SMS for receiving a text message with a code or Call me.
·       And immediately after that you have to enter the verification code and enter Verify.
·       Finally, the next window refers to the use of apps such as Outlook or iOS Mail. Enter create app password for reconnecting your apps.

You can use these simple tips to enable or disable two-step verification for Yahoo.

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Using two-step verification with apps

Apart from this, some apps such as Android Mail, Outlook, iOS Mail, and Yahoo messenger for personal computer require a specific password for connecting that app via Yahoo.

Note: In case you enable two-step verification, you have to create a third-party app password for using in apps.

Safety measure: Make certain that the phone number which you are using for the “Two-Step Verification” doesn’t get suspended because of any reason. The access code will be sent to you on your device. For the precaution, you can add secondary phone number if you feel like. 

Thursday, 3 May 2018

How to fix issues with the Facebook app on iPhone 6s

Have you ever wondered that you were checking the latest updates of your crush on the Facebook and suddenly the app got crashed and you wanted to count the likes and comments on the picture which you just uploaded a few minutes ago but Facebook isn’t letting you sign-in? Sometimes you aren’t able to share anything or can’t upload your videos and pictures etc. iPhone 6s users face these kinds of issues at times. This blog will help you how you can fix these issues sooner than later. Follow the steps are as below:

Make sure the operating system(iOS) of your iPhone 6s is updated to the latest one. Facebook developers basically update their App on a regularly according to the updates released via Apple for their users so if you are using an older iOS version then the Facebook app can act funny and it can frustrate you.

Not only the operating system (iOS) but also the Facebook App should be updated to its latest version. No matter you have the latest version of iOS on your phone but if you are still using an old version of Facebook App it might not work properly. Updating the iOS and Facebook App to the latest version will solve the issues 99%

Check the storage of your iPhone 6s as if the storage is full, it will not let you update either the iOS or the Facebook App. Go to the “Settings” then select “General” now tap “Storage & iCloud Usage” if the storage is nearly full delete some unused App or get rid of data which is not that much necessary for you.

If you forgot the iCloud password then it is impossible to update the Facebook App, reset the iCloud password, sign-in again in iCloud then try updating the Facebook App. 

You have updated both, the operating system as well as the Facebook App still you are getting issues, now you are wondering what to do? Well! No need to. Just uninstall the App from your iPhone 6s and re-install it again from the “App Store

You want to sign-in but somehow you aren’t able to just reset the network settings of your iPhone 6s. Go to the “Settings” and select “General” scroll down and choose “Reset” now tap “Reset Network Settings” restart the phone and it shall work perfectly fine.

Check the speed of the connection, if the coverage is not good then Facebook App will not work properly. Try to get the stable reception and then try again.

If you are using any VPN or Virtual Private Network software in your iPhone 6s, disable it and try using the Facebook App again. It shall work fine.

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Tuesday, 1 May 2018

How to Create a strong password on Yahoo mail

Your Yahoo mail account contains much crucial and important information; which no Yahoo user wants to share with some unknown person. Yes, this is the vitality of your Yahoo mail account and its password; you can understand how important is to create a strong password.

How to create a strong password for Yahoo mail account?

We can help you with these experts’ tips for creating a strong password. You just need to keep these tips in mind and then create password for your Yahoo account.
ü  You should choose a long and memorable password
ü  Avoid the obvious; like the repeating numbers, common or popular name and more
ü  You should avoid using a complete word from a dictionary or some common name
ü  Use at least 7 characters in your password, keeping this tip in mind that the more characters will make it more difficult to crack
ü  Make sure to use a combination of capital and lowercase letters, numbers, and standard symbols
ü  Simply avoid using any personal information that someone could easily figure out; this includes your birthday, family name, partner name, vehicle registration number or mobile number


Yahoo Temporary error 1; how to fix it?

You just wanted to get in to your Yahoo email account, but after entering the user name and password; this Temporary Error 1 : UserOpenFailed flashed on your computer screen. What could be more annoying that getting this temporary error when you have correct email address and password, but couldn’t sign in.

When you get any temporary error on your Yahoo! mail account, the only option for user is to wait and let this temporary error get fixed. This is easy with Yahoo as the error will get it fixes automatically, if you wait for up to 12 hours. Yes, this could be from few minutes to 12 hours as the concern of user’s account safety and security. Yes, this requires some more patience for auto fix of this error.

There are Yahoo users who have more value for time and they can’t wait any more to get in to their own account. Such users are not in a mood to wait, but what they can do. The security for your own account is there; here we have a best solution for you. Simply, follow the steps carefully.
·         First this, you need to make sure that you are using a supported web browser and Operating System; which matches with the basic minimum requirements to get Yahoo mail working on your computer system
·         After that, you need to sign out of Yahoo Mail on all desktop and mobile devices to avoid any cache error. In fact, the auto fill also creates problem for you
·         You should clear your web browser's cache and temporary files too to avoid any such error
·         And then, restart your web browser
·         Now, sign back in to your Yahoo Mail to see if the error is gone or not
You will defiantly get some relief from the above method, yet there is an alternative too. You can easily get some other supported web browser and get your issue fixed. You can get a better and compatible web browser for new Yahoo Mail.


Thursday, 19 April 2018

How to Change Password in Tutanota Mail Account

Steps to Change Password in Tutanota Email Account

1. Sign in, fill user name & password

2. Click to Settings button Top of the Right Corner

3. Left Side option to Change Password, then click

4. Fill the Old password and update new password

5. Now click on change password button

6. Password was changed

You can try to login with your new password, If your login properly then your new password has been updated.

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