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Tuesday, 1 May 2018

How to Create a strong password on Yahoo mail

Your Yahoo mail account contains much crucial and important information; which no Yahoo user wants to share with some unknown person. Yes, this is the vitality of your Yahoo mail account and its password; you can understand how important is to create a strong password.

How to create a strong password for Yahoo mail account?

We can help you with these experts’ tips for creating a strong password. You just need to keep these tips in mind and then create password for your Yahoo account.
ü  You should choose a long and memorable password
ü  Avoid the obvious; like the repeating numbers, common or popular name and more
ü  You should avoid using a complete word from a dictionary or some common name
ü  Use at least 7 characters in your password, keeping this tip in mind that the more characters will make it more difficult to crack
ü  Make sure to use a combination of capital and lowercase letters, numbers, and standard symbols
ü  Simply avoid using any personal information that someone could easily figure out; this includes your birthday, family name, partner name, vehicle registration number or mobile number


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